Investment Information

Kern Venture Group will use the following criteria, as guidelines, when considering companies for investment:

✦ Companies being considered are generally seeking their earliest round of financing. They will typically be at the start-up stage or one step beyond start-up with a working product prototype, and will already have founder and/or “friends and family” money invested in the company.

✦ Often invests in seed or start-up rounds.

✦ Typically invests between $50,000 and $200,000 per company.

✦ Co-invests with other venture capital funds, angel groups, or Super Angels (high net worth individuals who contribute large amounts to a company).

✦ It is anticipated that KVG Fund 2018 will invest in up to 15 portfolio companies, depending upon the total amount of capital committed.

✦ It is anticipated that no more than 10% of KVG’s fund size will be invested in any one company.