NBA admits seven sports tech startups to Launchpad incubator


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Steve McCaskill

Another three inductees are focused on fan engagement. Action Audio transforms spatial data into 3D sound experiences to help visually impaired fans follow sport in real time. Edge Sound Research turns standard audio into audible, haptic and tactile sensations that can be used to power immersive experiences. Tagboard, meanwhile, wants to help production teams create engaging content with a fraction of the resources required by traditional graphics systems.

Over the next six months, the seven firms will participate in a R&D project within the NBA ecosystem and will have the opportunity to present to executives, partners and investors later this year.

“NBA Launchpad is proud to support startups that are leveraging AI and machine learning to drive innovation in the sport of basketball,” said Tom Ryan, vice president of basketball strategy at the NBA.

“By partnering with these cutting-edge companies, we’re pushing the boundaries of what’s possible on the court and unlocking new insights that have the potential to transform the game.”