Learn About Our Screening Criteria

KVG believes that a great idea can come from anyone, anywhere and at any time. Kern County has a long tradition of success and hard work, we believe that our seed investments will see this continue.

First Screen

Hard Requirements

Kern County or
Central California Impact

(meet at least one of these criteria)
Strong ties to the region; company based here or founder is from here. Will have a positive impact on the region.


(must meet both of these)
Some founder or friends and family capital already raised.
Company has been raising funds less than 12 months this round.

Second Screen

Some, but not all of the factors we evaluate.

Icon of Team Members

Management Team

Significant experience in industry.
Prior startup experience.
Key management Team is in place.

Icon of Growth

Size of Opportunity

Target market clearly defined.
Serviceable market size is $100 million.
Company target revenue is $10 million in <5 years.

Icon of Lightbulb

Product/Service + IP

Defined and developed.
Compelling to customers.
Cannot be easily duplicated.

Icon of Checkmark

Marketing and Sales

Brand is built and defined.
Sales channels secured.
Product/Service customer validated.

Icon of Magnifying Glass

Competitive Environment

Fractured or new marketplace.
Customer needs unmet.
Strategic partnership(s) in place.


What we're looking for

We understand that launching a business in Kern County or the central valley can be a challenge without direct access to capital and connections. The men and women of KVG realize that in order to develop next generation ideas and technology, there has to be committed capital to help you achieve your business goals. Our advisors and partners have built some of the largest companies in the country and have invested in KVG to help move your company from proof of concept to market acceptance. We are looking for visionary ideas that can change entire industries.