Allowing local ingenuity to thrive.

In sectors as diverse as transportation (the engineering genius of the Tehachapi Loop), aerospace (Chuck Yeager breaking the sound barrier and SpaceShipOne completing the first manned private space flight) agriculture (International Fruit Genetics changing the global table grape market by developing and licensing exotic new varieties) and energy (the use of steam to extract the high-viscous Kern river Crude) Kern County has been fertile ground for innovation and the entrepreneurial spirit for more than a century.

Kern Venture Group was founded in 2018 by David Higdon and JP Lake, two men with deep roots in Kern County and extensive experience and expertise in business and bringing leading-edge ideas to fruition. Keenly aware of the area’s tradition of developing revolutionary technologies, David and JP realized that entrepreneurs in the Central Valley needed access to capital to help them seed, grow and scale new growth companies.

In today’s start-up environment, lack of sufficient funding is often what keeps a potentially game-changing ideas from becoming reality. The foundational belief of Kern Venture Group is that by removing that barrier, local visionaries can thrive and share their ideas with the community and the world.

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What we're looking for

We understand that launching a business in Kern County or the central valley can be a challenge without direct access to capital and connections. The men and women of KVG realize that in order to develop next generation ideas and technology, there has to be committed capital to help you achieve your business goals. Our advisors and partners have built some of the largest companies in the country and have invested in KVG to help move your company from proof of concept to market acceptance. We are looking for visionary ideas that can change entire industries.