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Transformational Investments for Communities Like Ours

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Inspiring history.

Spurring future.

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Defining the future of the Central Valley.

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A tradition of revolutionary technologies.

Making a Lasting Impact in
Communities like Ours

Kern Venture Group is the first Micro VC (Angel) Fund headquartered in Bakersfield, CA. We target early stage seed investments in entrepreneurs who are looking to turn revolutionary ideas into disruptive businesses. In addition to the area's rich history of innovation, Bakersfield has many ingredients to help foster startup com- munities: successful men and women who have built sustainable businesses from the ground up, strong quality of life, low cost living and close proximity to some of the largest companies in the world. What's missing is access to smart, connected and experienced capital from an entrepreneurship group.

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Seed Stage

We're looking for great ideas and teams that can scale into successful, game-changing businesses.

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Our Goal

Increasing the probability of a company's success by providing capital, connections and mentorship from a venture group.

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Continuing the innovative legacy of the central valley by focusing on the energy, agriculture, aerospace, manufacturing, and technology sectors.

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Regional Impact

Prioritizing investments in companies and founders with origins or operations in Kern County or Central California and a vision that will benefit the region.

Proudly Based in the California Central Valley

Our Goal Is To Create Lasting Impact In Communities Like Ours

Local Talent

KVG understands that talent exists in communities like ours and that those individuals need access to capital. Investing in these types of regions has proven transformational to both the people and the places.

Entrepreneurial Spirit

Founders in rural areas may be more likely to call themselves problem solvers, but their entrepreneurial spirit is as strong as anywhere else and KVG is working to elevate the success rate of these startup firms. Providing expertise, support and access to capital, KVG is helping increase the odds.

Disproportionate Impact

People in this region have learned how to make a little go along way. Putting capital to work in startups here catalyzes growth and investor returns.

A History of Innovation in the Region


What we're looking for

We understand that launching a business in Kern County or the central valley can be a challenge without direct access to capital and connections. The men and women of KVG realize that in order to develop next generation ideas and technology, there has to be committed capital to help you achieve your business goals. Our advisors and partners have built some of the largest companies in the country and have invested in KVG to help move your company from proof of concept to market acceptance. We are looking for visionary ideas that can change entire industries. See if you are eligible for our venture group, and click below.

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