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The Flume™ sensor straps around your home's water meter and provides intelligent leak detection and real-time water usage via our mobile app. Installs easily - no need to cut any pipes.

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A PadSplit is a fully furnished home that is divided into private bedrooms with a shared kitchen and common space. Dues include all utilities, on-site laundry, and internet. PadSplits are designed to look like homes that are indistinguishable from any other modern, finished home in the city. We, at PadSplit, aim to alleviate the traditional stresses of finding a place to call home so that you can focus on what matters more. Find your new home at Padsplit today.

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Worksana Logo

Worksana is evolving into an end-to-end mobile workforce solution. Our first product, myEtimecard, is everything your business needs to transform paper timecards into actionable data that manages compliance and optimizes your business for growth and higher profits.

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De Oro Devices Logo

At De Oro Devices™, the founders were brought together by a common passion for creating innovative technology to improve quality of life for those in need. Our first product, the Gaitway, reliably restores mobility to Parkinson's patients experiencing freezing of gait.

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Mill it

Mill It logo

Mill It is an innovative plant-based foods company with a mission to prove that the best taste is plant-based. Founded by a team of award-winning food technologists who have created new lines of dairy alternative products (salad dressing, drinkable yogurt, dairy creamer, ice cream) made from ancient grains and hypoallergenic seed butters. With their innovative and patent-pending technology, Mill It is trying to change the consumer experience regarding plant-based options by no longer forcing consumers to sacrifice on taste.

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vinergy, inc.

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On average, grape pickers lose 48 boxes per day of production per 4 rows using traditional picking methods. Not to mention injury-related loss of productivity due to slips, trips, and over-exertion.

Vinergy introduces an innovative solution to increase productivity and provide a more efficient harvest model. Our carts are designed to have a higher capacity, leaving pickers in the field longer.  With over 116 million boxes of grapes harvested in California last year, and with growers experiencing a savings of $1-$2 per box using the Vinergy cart, our product will have an immediate positive impact on the growers bottom line.

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Akadeum life sciences

Akadeum Logo

Akadeum was established to create advanced isolation products and to fundamentally change the way that isolating chemical and biological targets is approached. Akadeum’s goal is to enable entirely new assays and workflows by delivering a technology that can isolate any sample, any volume, anywhere.

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atlas alpha

Atlas Logo

Atlas Alpha is building a sports and hobby social platform which connects a product database with a discussion board. Users can grow in their knowledge and feel like a power user from the moment they join the community. The first community, board games, launched in 2019 and grew at an explosive rate with more communities launching later this year.

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Castifi Logo

Castifi is the industry's leading HR platform to source, onboard, and process payroll. Making sure you deliver projects on time and under budget.

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Sizzle Logo

Sizzle is building a “SportsCenter for Gaming”, powered by AI.  Today, there are over 2.5 billion people that play video games, with 1 billion of them watching gaming content online.  For these fans, Sizzle is building AI to automatically create daily highlights of their favorite streamers and esports tournaments.

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pocket naloxone

Pocket Naloxone Logo

Pocket Naloxone Corp. is solving the problem of an opioid overdose antidote not being available in homes, businesses, and other settings, resulting in someone dying every 8 minutes in the United States. Pocket Naloxone aims to be an accessible and affordable OTC solution for the 35+ million consumer customers at risk for an opioid overdose and their families and caregivers, as well as a solution that meets the needs of first responder and institutional segments.

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Virtanza Logo

Virtanza partners with its University and Employer clients to provide real-world, experiential sales training that includes interactive role plays, the latest in sales technology such as Salesforce.com, sales enablement software, and career coaching to connect program graduates with the most fitting sales opportunities. With over 50% of college graduates landing first in a sales job, we commit ourselves to transitioning students to a future of which they can be proud.

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Neocharge Logo

NeoCharge is a versatile home charging tool that can be used with electric vehicles and appliances. The company recently received a California Energy Commission grant to help develop their smart grid platform with a rewards system and clean charging algorithms that optimizes home electric vehicle charging and large appliance loads for clean and affordable energy usage.

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Sparck Logo

Sparck helps companies motivate and retain great employees with their AI - driven personalized recognition and engagement platform. In partnership with Integral Talent Systems, our Employee Engagement Survey is a predictive, online survey tool which rates the effectiveness and importance of the relevant factors that affect engagement and turnover. The Employee Engagement Survey provides a clear picture of your organization’s strengths and opportunities for improving employee engagement and commitment.

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Skoog Logo

Skoog is an award winning media tech company and sold at Apple stores worldwide. They’re on a mission to enrich children’s lives through creative and immersive play. SKOOG Inc.’s technology is proud to introduce a new interactive platform that merges tactile technology with an ever-expanding content library beginning with Sesame Street characters and expanding into additional media partnerships. The platform combines multi-sensory creative play with fun, interactive content and meaningful learning experiences.

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Earthsense logo

Earthsense has developed a compact, easy-to-use, under-canopy robot that provides 100 times as much trait data for 1/10th the effort, compared to current methods of field data collection. The system uses a proprietary combination of sensors—including RGB cameras, LIDAR, GPS, and more—to autonomously collect data on traits for plant health, physiology, and stress response in corn, soybean, wheat, sorghum, vegetable crops, orchards, and vineyards. Their machine vision and machine learning based analytics seamlessly convert terabytes of multi-sensor field data to quantitative, consistent, and objective information to make better farm decisions.



Shepherd Farming by Tycom

Shepherd® is a digital labor platform designed specifically for farms and agriculture operations. It allows growers to quickly see what work needs to be done on their farms for that day and to send and receive tasks from other users. As tasks are created, accepted, and completed, Shepherd® uses powerful technology to sort and generate farm records automatically, meaning no more time consuming data entry for record keeping.


Zeste Farms

Zeste Farms is building the highest density hydroponic farming system in the world. We are excited to partner with indoor growing Vertical Farming System. This high density crop production system can accommodate a myriad of commercial crops, from plant protein to vegetable transplants for commercial growers.

Zeste Farms

Lumentra Therapeutics

Lumentra is an early-stage virtual biotech with a novel encapsulation platform technology to develop modified release forms of FDA approved therapies.

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Readlee is on a mission to improve academic outcomes by listening to students read. Their voice AI listens as students read texts out loud, measuring speed and accuracy. Teachers and parents then receive immediate results on students accuracy, completion, pace, and length of time spent reading.



FanUp is the best way to enjoy fantasy sports with friends and rival fans. The company uses fun visual content, social features, and data that personalizes fans' experiences with their favorite teams, players, brands, influencers, and groups.



Stress resilience is our body’s ability to recognize a challenging situation and choose a positive way to respond to it. It means that the body will return to a state of equilibrium faster. By using Sensate, you can tone your vagus nerve which will help regulate your nervous system.