The Flume™ sensor straps around your home's water meter and provides intelligent leak detection and real-time water usage via our mobile app. Installs easily - no need to cut any pipes.


A PadSplit is a fully furnished home that is divided into private bedrooms with a shared kitchen and common space. Dues include all utilities, on-site laundry, and internet. PadSplits are designed to look like homes that are indistinguishable from any other modern, finished home in the city. We, at PadSplit, aim to alleviate the traditional stresses of finding a place to call home so that you can focus on what matters more. Find your new home at Padsplit today.


Worksana is evoloving into an end-to-end mobile workforce solution. Our first product, myEtimecard, is everything your business needs to transform paper timecards into actionable data that manages compliance and optimizes your business for growth and higher profits.

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De Oro Devices

At De Oro Devices™, the founders were brought together by a common passion for creating innovative technology to improve quality of life for those in need. Our first product, the Gaitway, reliably restores mobility to Parkinson's patients experiencing freezing of gait.