Rain Bird Corporation and Flume Partner on Next Gen Water Management and Data


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Flume’s smart home water monitor reports water use by appliance and fixture, allowing people to measure use in real time. Rain Bird’s Smart controllers automatically adjust watering schedules based on weather conditions to reduce overwatering. The new partnership will link Rain Bird’s controllers with Flume’s water monitor, allowing homeowners to quantify the savings generated by using Rain Bird’s Smart controller features. In a pilot study conducted last summer, 70 homes across the nation were equipped with both a Flume smart home water monitor and a Rain Bird Smart controller. Many of these homes reduced their outdoor water consumption by an impressive 25 percent or more, with many homes showing a 40 percent reduction in irrigation water use. In addition to quantifying and encouraging water savings, the Flume monitor will be able to detect irrigation system leaks to avoid water waste and subsequent property damage.