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Genius NY

With the noise and safety perception challenges in mind, Manohar started Greenjets to create electric propulsors that address those issues. Greenjets is one of five finalists in CenterState CEO’s GENIUS NY program this year. Their vision of sustainable aviation starts with drones. Manohar said drones have the power to be transformative on a large scale but has yet to reach that potential. It’s what Manohar calls the one to one hundred problem. “The drone sector has proven that the technology can be transformative. It has proven that it can be regulated, and it can be operated safely. What it hasn’t proven yet is [if] it can go from a few drones being demonstrated in a few very specific use cases to being all around us, and really having that transformative impact,” Manohar said.

The Greenjets team believes a clean and quiet propulsor is essential to solving that problem, speaking to the company’s broader goal of creating a path towards sustainable aviation. Manohar said many consider electric autonomous aviation the third revolution in aerospace technology, after the invention of flight and the invention of the jet engine. He said the industry is only just beginning to imagine the possible uses for this technology. “We don’t really know the scale of transformation this technology can bring, in the same way we didn’t know what the jet engine would do,” Manohar said. “We are playing a part in this making this future real, and we are hoping it would do more than anything we can imagine right now.”

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